Season about to kick off for 2014

Season about to kick off!

With the first event cancelled even before the close of entries, we took the opportunity to avail of Terry Boon for the weekend instead.

Since Terry came on board as the High Performance Squad dressage coach, we have been having regular training with the older horses at squad training and subsequent independent yard visits over the winter with the up and coming horses too.

What’s great about Terry is that he has evented to top level and he understands the event horse’s other needs rather than just as a dressage horse.

We took the plunge and invested in dressage mirrors, something we have wanted for a long time. The UK company, Mirrors4Training installed them last week so we were able to avail of them for Terry’s last visit.

We had a guest ‘judge’ keeping a watchful eye on the training!!

Another who was more interested in fashion than dressage.

As usual we have been attending the Meadows EC on a regular basis for SJ training with all the horses, young and old. We had the novice horses cross country schooling and they have really improved over the winter and benefited from the bank and water jump we put in at the end of last summer.

This has been invaluable this winter with all the wet weather as we have not been able to go schooling until recently.  We can build fences in, out and through the water and on and off the bank.

The first event takes place next weekend at Monart, Co Wexford. We have entered up WW Hercules and S’Field Othello in the O/I as a prep run for their first advanced run the following weekend. We have also first time novices Derg Kit Kat, Dartans Quality Brigade and HL Mrs Imp.

We are just loading to go for their final cross country school.

Look forward to getting out and about and blowing off the cobwebs and catching up.

Here’s to a successful and enjoyable 2014.

PS Pictures by our in house photographer, check out her Facebook page – Photos by Rosie McBride, where you will see all the horses.